From Van to Home (ebook) Revised 2021 – Mike Hudson – VandogTraveller

How I made an old rusty van into my cosy off-grid home – and how you can do the same

Have you ever dreamt about having your own home on wheels with everything you need to live and travel the open road? Find out how to build your own dream van-home

Have you ever dreamt about having your own home on wheels with everything you need to live and travel the open road? – find out how to build your own dream van-home

Making a old empty van into your home can be daunting project if you’ve never done it before. I mean, where do you start? What do you need? How much will it cost? And how can you be a plumber, electrician and joiner all at once when you know nothing about that stuff?


If you want to know exactly how I transformed this van (shown in the picture above) with zero woodwork or van conversion experience then this book is for you. I believe that anyone can do this with a bit of time and patience. I'll take you through the whole process in simple, detailed steps. From Van to Home (ebook) This ebook has everything you need to know to make a van into your home – and much more!
van-conversion-book-from-van-to-home-cover-3d-5 This book will show you – from start to finish – exactly how I converted an old, rusty van into a highly functional off-grid home – the place I’ve been living for the past year. You’ll learn how you can do it for yourself. Along the way I will share the things I learnt, including all of my ideas, tricks, tips and solutions to potential problems.

Here's what you'll get from this book:
  • Learn about what you'll need to convert a van, including time, cost, tools and skills
  • How to choose the right van to give yourself the best chance of succeeding
  • How to prepare the van to protect your investment and make it last for years to come
  • Water, gas and electrical system explained with examples and illustrations
  • Learn how to make your van into an off-grid home using solar panels – be free to go anywhere
  • A full detailed explanation of the electrical system (including diagrams) starting from basic electronics – no one will be left out
  • Follow the progress of my van conversion as you go through the book
  • Learn from my examples, research and mistakes
  • The book will provide you with many ideas, tips and tricks that you can use immediately
  • Everything you need to know to make a van into your home and more!
  • Over 300 illustrations and high resolution photographs

This is the book that I wish I had when I was converting my van

Why make a van into your home?
  • You pay no rent
  • You can live anywhere you like
  • You’re closer to nature but still with home comforts
  • You can live independently of the grid – no electricity or gas bills
  • You’ll meet amazing people and experience the magic of living on the road
  • Nothing beats the freedom of having your home on wheels
  • Travel and live for cheap
  • This will be a home that you can truly call your own

My van conversion (what this book is based on) has been featured all over the world, from national press in England, major news websites in the far easy and television in North America. Now I’m ready to share every detail of how I did it, so you can do something very similar. It’s all right here, as an instant download, in this one book.

A look inside the ebook diy-van-conversion-ebook-from-van-to-home-van-overview-preview diy-van-conversion-ebook-from-van-to-home-cladding-preview diy-van-conversion-ebook-from-van-to-home-van-insulation-preview diy-van-conversion-ebook-from-van-to-home-details-overview

Bonus You will also get a bonus chapter on how to stay productive and on track. There’s a project plan chart to download to help you get your van conversion project completed efficiently and as fast as possible.

What others say:

It is very detailed with excellent close-up color pics and detailed instructions. I recommend it for anyone who is wanting easy to follow DIY converting about any vessel or building a tiny house... I really, really *Like* it! –– Cheryl Andrus

Plenty of information on there with advice which even beginners, like myself, will find useful –– Nick Boyle

I'm so pleased you included a basics guide for the electronics. And the rust treatment, plumbing and gas bits are also really helpful for me –– barbarossa1984

Just wanted to say a big thanks. After 8 weeks of toil I finished and moved in to my van last week. Your book was so helpful and your blog was the inspiration for me to start the journey –– Jamie

Filled with clever and realistic info! Dream of life on the road? Get it! –– Abigail @abbymaxx

My promise to you: I'll give you 30 days (enough time to go through the book) to see if it was worth your money or not. If you are not satisfied or feel like it wasn’t worth the money, let me know and I’ll issue a full, no hassle refund. That’s a promise from me.

Feed your van dream now!

P.S. I'm writing this from my van. I'm now in Croatia, by the sea. Hopefully I'll see you on the road soon...

P.P.S. By buying this book, you'll be directly supporting the running of this blog and keeping me on the road. So thank you!


And if you have any questions just contact me

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